Benefits of Managed IT Solutions

Cyber Security:

#1 Threat to Business Owners

Taxes, government regulations, computer updates, etc.

All of these are major concerns for business owners. However, what other concerns should everyone keep in mind?

CNBC found in the 2019 CEO Imperative Study that over the next decade, cyber security will be the biggest threat to the global economy. Consequently, the second biggest threats are job losses and income inequality resulting from changes in technology.

On another survey, 32% of small-business owners said keeping up with technology is a major concern for the success of their business.  The fast-pace in which technology is changing makes businesses vulnerable to cyberattacks and forces them to keep up with all technology updates. Consequences of not keeping up with technology could be unexpected downtime, cyberattacks, data loss, disruptions in business operations and/or financial loss.

Therefore, for the stability and growth of any business, cybersecurity should be a priority.

What can be done about this?

There’s an urgent demand for every business to have a strong cybersecurity program working 24/7.

This need is specially high in California since in 2021, it was the state with the most frequent cyberattacks and highest financial damages with $1,228 million dollars in reported losses. 

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However, most business don’t have the time and resources to stay up to date with the newest technology and cybersecurity. Therefore, it’s more convenient and time-efficient to delegate this responsibility to experts in the field.

Managed IT Solutions

We are the partner of many business and work as their external IT department, offering consulting and the best services in the market.

Our technical support will maximize the stability, and performance of your technology equipment in the most time and cost-efficient way.

Some of our benefits include:

– Trustworthy & Efficient Services

– 24/7 Monitoring

– Quick Response Time

For the complete list of benefits, visit our Managed IT Solutions.

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