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IT Services

We tailor and implement the services you need according to your IT needs and business goals with a proactive approach to eliminate issues before the arise.


We strengthen your cybersecurity byg using behavioral artificial intelligence to prevent, detect, respond and remediate any threat together with a team of security experts.


We understand your business is unique with different operational and regulatory requirements. Our consulting services ensure custom IT, cybersecurity, and risk management solutions

Why Work With Us

We’re a trusted, outsourced IT consulting business.

Helping businesses across the United States and México

Offering managed services at the adequate size and price for your business.

With more than 15 years of expertise in the field.


How We Can Help You

We understand your current environment and needs through a consulting meeting.

We tailor and implement the services you need according to the best practices.

We strengthen your cybersecurity, business continuity, and network performance.

We monitor and proactively remediate any possible cyber threats.

Best IT & Cybersecurity Services

We are a cybersecurity and information technology solution company, with more than 15 years of experience serving small and medium sized companies in the United States and México. Offering innovative IT technologies and cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions to businesses in various industries.

Client Testimonials

"We have only received premium service from Empowered IT Solutions - EVERYTIME, regardless of the situation or circumstance. Empowered IT has it 100% covered! As the CEO, I sleep better knowing they are protecting our organization and keeping us safe with the best cybersecurity."
Yolanda Perez
AKA Head Start CEO
"You can expect professionalism, on-time response, great communication, and trustworthiness, which is important to me. I sleep much better now because I know all of my information is being backed up. By helping me they have helped my customers because I am better able to respond to my customers’ needs."
Vicki Garcia-Golden
Garcia's Kitchen CEO
"I don’t spend any time worrying about IT. When help is needed, my employees call the helpdesk directly rather than call me, which has been fantastic. It’s helped everyone be more efficient and productive with their time. It really is a partnership and it’s been a great experience. "
Matthew Dusa
Capstone Fire and Safety Management CEO

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