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Protect Your Business with the Best Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity is vital because digital assets are valuable and vulnerable. A powerful cybersecurity program is needed to actively monitor your system 24/7 and efficiently detect and eliminate any cyber-threat.


The danger of cyber-attacks is that they work in silence. Once they get access to your system, they can harvest your personal and confidential information without leaving a clue. By the time you find out, the damage has been done and information has been compromised. We understand that your business has a responsibility to guard your employees, vendors, partners, and customers against these threats. A powerful cybersecurity program is needed to actively monitor your system 24/7 and efficiently detect and eliminate any cyber-threat.


Did you know the prime target for cyberattacks are your employees? They pose the highest risk to your security, especially now with the transition to remote and hybrid working. We offer a range of affordable managed security services and trainings so you can address this risk and to keep your most valuable assets protected.

Empowered Shield Cybersecurity Solutions

All of our Empowered Shield security solutions include the installation of security patches, software updates, and anti-malware. Below are some of our additional security services. We’ll assess your current exposure and existing internal and external threats. Then we use proven processes and technology to make you as safe as possible.

24/7 Threat Detection

Our cyber-security experts, the Security Operation Center (SOC), work 24/7 to monitor your network systems and remediate any existing abnormal activity.


All inbound and outbound email is filtered through our Anti-Spam Total Control Server, detecting and filtering phishing, spoofing or any other malware outside the corporate network.

Firewall as a Service

Eliminate the need to buy equipment that may become obsolete down the road due to the fast pace of the cybersecurity technology. Get the firewall with an annual security suite with an accessible monthly fee.

Dark Web Monitoring

The Dark Web is used to sell information that has been stolen by hackers and cyber-criminals. We monitor this platform to detect if any of your organization's information has been compromised or stolen.

DNS Filtering

A DNS connection is involved in every aspect of Internet use and highly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. DNS filtering blocks access from external users to certain websites or IP addresses.

Password & Access Protection

Ensure that the right people have access to the right tools and information at the right levels. This cybersecurity essential provides multifactor authentication, secure password vaults, simple remote management, and other secure access management tools.

Security Awareness Training

Many cyber breaches could be prevented with a properly trained team. Our training program provides relevant and engaging cybersecurity awareness on topics such as phishing, data protection, compliance and IT best practices.