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Managed IT Services

Empowered IT solutions can manage all your IT services needs for a flat-rate fee so you and your team can focus your efforts on your business. We customize your IT solutions to fit you and take a proactive approach to your company’s needs. We proactively monitor and maintain your network, servers and other vital systems to prevent minor issues from becoming major headaches.

If you’re experiencing frequent downtime, system failures, internet connectivity issues, or your in-house IT team is overwhelmed, it’s time to partner with Empowered IT Solutions.

Technology That Helps Your Business Thrive

Keeping up with technology can feel impossible for any one person or small team. By automating routine processes, employing preventive maintenance, and strengthening basic cybersecurity measures, you can increase the performance of your systems and consequently that of your employees.

Our team of IT specialists will empower your team with the critical technical support they need by filling in the gaps and taking the stress out of day-to-day IT operations. Maximize the stability and performance of your technology equipment by implementing IT strategies that align with your business goals. Instead of waiting to fix an occurred IT problem, we proactively prevent them from happening in the first place with our Empowered Shield. We actively monitor your systems 24/7, alerts are proactively resolved before they escalate and cause network downtime. Our Empowered Shield solution may include any or all of the services listed below:

Cloud Solutions

The cloud offers a lot of benefits, including:

Secure, safe, and available. You’re able to access the cloud system 24/7 from anywhere with excellent response time.

What you need, when you need it. You’re able to add or reduce servers, networking, or storage as your business changes, all done fast and easy.

Only pay for what you need. You don’t need pay upfront for hardware or use your team’s time to maintain or upgrade the systems.

Always have the latest high-speed, top-performing technologies to optimize your operations.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Let’s you “rent” computing resources, such as servers, networks, storage, and operating systems, on a pay-per-use basis. As your business scales, the infrastructure scales with you, so you don’t have to invest in hardware or worry about security, maintenance, or software.

Software as a Services (SaaS)

Software is hosted on a remote server so you can access it anytime, anywhere, over the internet- from a web browser or a standard web integration. We take care of backups, maintenance, and updates.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

A cloud-based, application development environment that provides you with everything you need to build and deploy apps. Choose the features and cloud services you want on a pay-per-use basis in a public, private, or a hybrid solution.


Problems and adverse events happen. Minimizing the effects comes down to the preemptive measure you take. Business continuity is ensured with our data backup and disaster recovery solution; operations can resume as normal after any catastrophic event.

Business continuity is a set of policies, procedures, systems, and backup used to help your organization recover from a disaster and to ensure you can continue functioning with minimal downtime.

With our integrated and innovative data backup and disaster recovery solution, we deliver a tailored plan specifying the steps to follow to ensure that your servers, operating systems, data and applications are fully restored.

In today’s business world, your data is the single most valuable asset. Between ransomware, hardware failures, natural disasters, and human error, the risk is too great to run a business without a proper backup solution.

Our solution performs thorough backups and implements strong safeguard processes to provide you with data backup, disaster protection, and quick restores.

Our services include:

Benefits of our Solution:

Your data is transmitted and stored in an encrypted format over a secure connection to our world-class data centers.

Never again will your team forget to run backups – they run automatically every night on the backup schedule you set.

An online backup solution grows and changes along with your business – pay only what you need.

Our services provide unlimited backup and retrieval of your data or entire system for a low fixed cost. There’s no hardware to buy, replaceable media or hidden expenses.

Our service is built on rock-solid software technology and secure data centers with redundant power. This makes our solutions more secure and trustworthy than other backup options, such as hard drives.

Backups are stored in three locations: on-site and in two geographically separated data centers. Offsite backups protect against natural disasters like fire, flood, or hurricane, and even theft or total server failure.