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Cybersecurity Training

Knowledge is the basis for preventing a cyber attack because a security threat cannot be avoided or reported if it is not recognized.

Employees play a major role in securing your business and they need to be trained in security best practices and good habits if your organization wants to steer clear of ransomware and malware.
As cybercriminals continuously look for ways to hack into your
organization, one of the best ways to protect yourself is a well-educated staff as this creates a human firewall that works together with your cybersecurity solutions.

Employee Security Awareness Program

The goal of this training is to raise awareness of the various internal and external security risks to your organization, including email scams, malware, weak passwords, and insider threats. Important to note that insider threats are not always malicious; sometimes, they arise out of neglect or common mistakes made by untrained or careless employees. But with proper security awareness training, you ensure that your employees have a good understanding of security risks and best practices.

Our security awareness program involves a seminar where employees learn about the basics of cybersecurity. This includes password security, two-factor authentication, social engineering, and online safety. Phishing simulation exercises are then deployed. These realistic phishing emails collect data based on your employee’s reactions, such as clicking on links, downloading attachments, and who opened the email. This is then used to personalize the training of your staff and identify where improvements can be made.

Did You Know

Phishing is cybersecurity’s biggest threat to organizations.

The Cost of Phishing Attacks