Cyber Security Myths_ True or False_

Cyber Security Myths: True or False?

Are you familiar with these Cyber Security Myths?

Let’s discover the truth behind them:

Cyber Security Myths

I won’t get cyber attacked, my business is too small.

Truth is, no business is too small.

Small businesses suffer cyber attacks very frequently – in fact, in 2019 43% of data breaches targeted small businesses.

All business should have a reliable cybersecurity solution installed to prevent from suffering any cyberincident.

Cybersecurity doesn’t apply to me because I’m not in the Government or Healthcare industry.

Any industry is at risk of cyberattacks. 

Businesses and organizations that handle sensitive information or have low technology budgets are at especially high risk of cyberattacks. 

My anti-virus software has me covered. 

Anti-virus still offer some protection against malware and viruses, particularly those used by less experienced or sophisticated hackers.

The problem is that, on their own, they are not enough to protect from complex and modern cyberattacks. 

Why? Because the threat landscape is ever-evolving, evolving faster than antivirus programs can keep pace with.

Cybersecurity is the responsibility of the IT department.

From entry level to executive positions, cybersecurity is the responsibility of everyone. Security Awareness Training to all personnel is highly critical.

You only need one person to click on the wrong link to suffer a breach.

Having a strong password is enough. 

Passwords can easily be hacked. Make sure you have them replaced at least every 60-90 days.

Learn more on how to create a strong and secure password.

I can only get malware from the internet. 

Although the internet and email are the most common ways to get malware, you can also get it in different ways, such as from infected devices.

Cyberattacks are always performed by outsiders.  

False. It’s also possible for an insider or former disgruntled employee to conduct a cyberattack.

I will notice right away if my computer is infected.

Reality is that sometimes a computer gets infected without leaving a clue. Once the infection is noticeable, the damage is irreversible.

It’s possible to be 100% safe from cyber attacks.

You can have a strong cybersecurity solution, but threats are ever-evolving.

Cyber-criminals are always changing their tactics and developing new malware. Because of this, there is a need for cybersecurity systems to continuously develop. For this reason, although unlikely, gaps are always possible.

This is why we recommend everyone to stay up-to-date with the newest versions of all computer and security updates.

In this ever-evolving cyber landscape, looking after your own cybersecurity needs can feel like an overwhelming and insurmountable task. That’s where we in. Sign-up below for a FREE cybersecurity assessment below: