EDR Solutions: Managed vs Unmanaged

In the world of cybersecurity, threats are like heavyweight boxers, ready to knock your business down with a single punch. That’s where Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) comes in – it’s like your sparring partner, training with you every day to build your endurance and agility in the ring. But choosing the right EDR solution for your business can be challenging. That’s why, in this blog, we’ll compare managed and unmanaged EDR solutions to help you choose the best one for your business. So, put on your EDR gloves, and let’s start fighting those cyber threats like a pro!  

What is EDR? 

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is a cybersecurity solution that detects and responds to cyber threats at the endpoint level. Endpoints are devices that are connected to your network, such as laptops, desktops, servers, and mobile devices. EDR solutions typically include the following components: 

  • Endpoint Detection: This component uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to identify malicious activity on endpoints. 
  • Threat Hunting: This component involves proactively searching for threats that may have bypassed other security measures. 
  • Incident Response: This component involves taking action to contain and mitigate the effects of a cyber-attack. 
  • Reporting and Alerts: This component provides detailed information about cyber threats, including their origin, impact, and potential damage. 

Unmanaged EDR 

An unmanaged EDR solution is a do-it-yourself approach to endpoint security. In this scenario, the business purchases an EDR solution and installs it on their endpoints themselves. The business is responsible for managing and maintaining the EDR solution, including performing updates and responding to threats.  


With an unmanaged EDR solution, the business has complete control over the EDR solution, including when and how to respond to threats.

Unmanaged EDR solutions are generally less expensive than managed EDR solutions since the business is responsible for managing the solution.

With an unmanaged EDR solution, the business can choose the specific EDR solution that fits their needs and budget.


Managing an EDR solution requires cybersecurity expertise, which many small businesses may not have in-house.

Managing an EDR solution can be time-consuming, taking valuable resources away from other important business tasks.

An unmanaged EDR solution may not provide complete protection since the business may not have the expertise or resources to manage the solution effectively or use it to its full potential.

Managed EDR 

A managed EDR solution is a solution that is managed by the EDR vendor or a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) like Empowered IT Solutions. In this scenario, the business contracts with a provider to manage and maintain its EDR solution. The MSSP is responsible for monitoring the EDR solution, performing updates, and responding to threats.  


With a managed EDR solution, the business has access to cybersecurity expertise that they may not have in-house.

With a managed EDR solution, the business can focus on its core business tasks, while the provider manages the EDR solution.

A managed EDR solution by a 24×7 SOC provides complete protection since the provider has the expertise and resources to manage the solution effectively.


Managed EDR solutions are generally more expensive than unmanaged EDR solutions since the provider is responsible for managing the solution.

With a managed EDR solution, the business may have less control over the EDR solution since the provider is responsible for managing it.

The business is dependent on the provider for their cybersecurity, giving it less control and customization over the EDR solution. 

Choosing and Implementing the Right EDR Solution 


Choosing the right EDR solution for your business can be challenging, especially if you don’t have cybersecurity expertise in-house. We understand the unique challenges that small and medium-sized businesses face when it comes to cybersecurity. We can help you choose and implement the right EDR solution for your business, depending on your capabilities and goals. 


Here’s how we can help: 

  • EDR Assessment

    We'll assess your current cybersecurity posture to determine whether you need an unmanaged or managed EDR solution.

  • EDR Selection

    We'll help you choose the right EDR solution for your business, considering factors such as budget, functionality, and scalability.

  • EDR Implementation

    We'll install and configure your EDR solution, ensuring that it's up and running smoothly.

  • EDR Management

    Should you choose a managed EDR, we'll monitor and maintain your solution, ensuring it's always up-to-date and providing complete protection for your endpoints.

Your business has unique needs when it comes to EDR management. That’s why we offer customized solutions to fit your specific requirements. Our team will work with you to determine the best EDR management approach for your business, whether it’s a fully managed service, a co-managed service, or an unmanaged service. 


Our 24×7 detection and response services provide a proactive approach to ensure that your endpoints are protected around the clock. We use advanced analytics and threat intelligence to identify and respond to threats before they become a problem. Our dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC), staffed by trained professionals who have the expertise to manage complex EDR solutions, can correlate events among several security systems to detect attacks in progress, ensure that your endpoints are protected against the latest threats and vulnerabilities. 


EDR is a critical component of a robust cybersecurity strategy, and it’s essential to choose the right type of EDR solution for your business. Remember, EDR brings your business exceptional abilities to secure one of the most vulnerable areas of your business: endpoints. But an EDR solution alone does not give you EDR capabilities. Without the right team to manage EDR solutions, businesses risk leaving their endpoints open to cyber-attacks. It’s like having a sports team without a coach – they may have all the necessary skills and tools, but without proper guidance and direction, they won’t be able to perform at their best. Unmanaged EDR solutions may offer some protection, but they require expertise and constant attention to be effective. Without a skilled team to manage EDR solutions, businesses could miss important alerts and fail to respond quickly to threats, leaving them exposed to potential data breaches, financial loss, and damage to their reputation. 


With cyber threats constantly trying to knock your business down, a managed EDR solution can give you a coach who anticipates your opponent’s moves, providing you with a level of protection that unmanaged EDR simply cannot match. But, just like in boxing, it’s important to choose the right partner for your business. At Empowered IT Solutions, we’re here to help you find the right EDR solution, whether it’s managed or unmanaged, to ensure that your business can withstand any cyber threat that comes your way. So, let’s step into the ring and take on those cyber threats like the champions we are!