Microsoft End of Support for Windows 7

Microsoft End of Support for Windows 7

After over 10 years of being released, Microsoft will end support for Windows 7.

This means that by January 2020, Windows 7 will no longer receive technical support, software or security updates.

This does not mean Windows 7 will stop working. You can continue using it if you wish. However, it’s highly discouraged since your devices will be extremely exposed and vulnerable to security risks.

To stay protected, we recommend updating your computer to Windows 11


This newest Windows version will have the most recent updates against malware and other security risks. Also, it strengthens your network security because its new features and updates make it harder to exploit.

Additionally, for anyone who has to be HIPAA or PCI compliant, you must have a secure platform such as Windows 11, and cannot remain with Windows 7.


Upgrading to Windows 11

The end of support for Windows 7 will call for an update to Windows 11. For that, there are a couple things that must be done.

First, you’ll need to buy the Windows 11 License. You can get that directly from Microsoft.

As a precaution, the second thing you should do is backup all your files in a virtual drive.

Since both Windows versions are by Microsoft, the transition is relatively easy. However, in some cases you also have to replace hardware to ensure your technology is compatible.

Our specialists can help with the transition. We evaluate the hardware you have, replace them if needed, and upgrade your system to Windows 11.

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